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Shifra is a Smart Home Automation solutions provider based out of the Dubai Internet City in the UAE. With a focus on user experience, Shifra Smart Homes is creating a revolution in the industry by bridging the world of distributed media (music, pictures, videos and movies) with sophisticated control systems for lighting, appliances, curtains, security, air conditioning, IR systems, and multi-room audio.

Some of the unique features of the Shifra Smart Homes offering is that it is highly secure, stable, and entirely wireless! This means that the potential Smart Home does not need to be in construction phase, and any existing home can be transformed into one of the most sophisticated Smart Homes in the Middle East without the need to break down walls or re-wire the home.

The Shifra Smart Homes Research and Development team is made up of a highly talented pool of individuals who have been a part of the progress of wireless Smart Home technologies as they have evolved since 2005. Our team is dedicated not only to bringing the best solutions and technologies to the UAE, but also to the continuous development of our offering to match the changing lifestyles of our customers as well as the technologies they use.

Our Goal is to create one-of-a-kind Smart Home Automation technologies that are far more advanced than anything else in the UAE, Middle East, even around the world; at the same time, keeping it easy to use in a way that will improve lifestyle and tremendously drive up property value.

Our Mission

“At Shifra Smart Solutions, we are committed to providing automation for your home or business that is user-friendly and best fits your personal taste and priorities. We strive to understand and meet your needs using high-quality, high-value products, with solutions that exceed your expectations.”

Our Services

Design and Consultancy

Design and Consultancy

We work closely with Consultants and End-Users to meticulously gather requirements and translate their high level requirements into a documented turn-key design which can serve as a reference for all future project phases.

Shifra is equipped with a professional technical team that has a track record of proven experience working not only with End-Users and Consultants, but also with Main Contractors, MEP Contractors and Interior Designers. The result is a turn-key design that accommodates considerations and requirements from all parties involved in a project.

Our team also works hand-in-hand with Consultants in preparation of product Specification Documents and Tenders.

Prject Execution

Project Execution

Before starting with the project execution phase, a project progress report is also created to reflect timeline, deliverables, and tasks required to complete the project. This report would be updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

A skilled team of Shifra engineers and technicians install all hardware, commission all active and passive equipment, conduct stress testing on installed devices and systems, and finally proceed to the programming phase of a project.

Before handing over, the Client is involved in a customization stage where the solution is presented and then tweaked based on the Client’s feedback.

Upon completing of all optimization tasks a handover document is presented to the client along with a walkthrough of all features of the installed systems and training on usage.

Design and Consultancy

Project Management

Upon Award of the project, the Shifra technical team engages the Main Contractor, MEP Contactor, and Interior Designer in a kick-off meeting to discuss all sites pre-requisites where applicable.

All necessary documentation such as detailed designs and CAD drawings are generated to reflect all agreed upon or as-built requirements.

A dedicated Shifra project manager is assigned to each project in order to consult and supervise provisioning work executed by the Main Contractor and MEP Contractor.

Aftersales Service

Aftersales Service

Shifra Smart Solutions prides itself with its Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) that aims at continuously adding value to any Client deployment by remote support, troubleshooting services, on-site support, preventative maintenance, as well as software upgrades that will ensure any installed system is always up to date with the latest features in the industry.